External Haemorrhage Control: A Stepwise Approach

Celox AcademyCelox are a manufacturer of haemostatic agents, which are dressings designed to stop external bleeding from traumatic injuries such as gunshot, blast or stab wounds, as well as from vehicle accidents or power tools.

Although haemostats and other haemorrhage control devices such as tourniquets are suitable for anyone from a first aider up to healthcare professionals to use it’s important to get some training and acclimatisation before having to use them in a real situation.

Our Celox Academy accredited course is perfect to either add onto one of our other courses or to provide you and your team with some essential.

External Haemorrhage Control – A Stepwise Approach

An interactive course written by the team at Celox Academy that combines theory and practice, to enable military and civilian emergency responders to recognise and manage catastrophic bleeding.

The practical session includes prosthetic models with bleeding effects so learners get to manage haemorrhage in almost real time. Learners will be assessed during practical sessions to ensure they have attained the skills necessary.

Certificated, worth up to 7-hours CPD.

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