Water Rescue Equipment Training

As the UK’s leading provider of water safety education and training, RLSS UK has developed a two-hour Water Rescue Equipment Training session to ensure as many people as possible are confident and competent in the use of water rescue equipment found around waterways.

The session develops skills and confidence in rescue equipment use, as well as developing the knowledge and ability to safely improvise, where no rescue equipment is available. 

The RLSS UK Water Rescue Equipment Training covers:

• Open water hazards (such as canals and rivers)

• Cold water shock

• Types of rescue

• Public Rescue Equipment (PRE)

Each person who successfully completes the training and achieves the required level of competence will receive an e-certificate. Training is then valid for two years from the date of completion.

Who is Water Rescue Equipment Training designed for?

  • Anyone aged 16 years or over.
  • Individuals in any local community, especially those living near a waterway or body of water.
  • Businesses with a responsibility for supervising the public near a waterway or body of water.
    • Nightlife venues, bars and restaurants in waterfront locations or river city/town e.g. door staff, street pastors etc.
    • Outdoor learning venues with lakes/ponds
    • Golf clubs with lakes/ponds
    • Heritage sites with rivers, lakes or ponds
  • Businesses with a responsibility for outdoor operatives working in or around water:
    • Building and construction
    • Water companies
    • Local authorities
    • Other utilities
    • Event venues
  • Education establishments with lakes/ponds on-site or located in a river city/town.