First Aid at Work

There are two main variants of the First Aid at Work qualifications.

First Aid at Work (FAW) is a full 3 day course whereas Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) is a 1 day course.

We can also add Forestry +F modules to those that require this training.

Our FTACC courses also meet the same requirements as the FAW and EFAW.

Emergency First Aid at Work (1-Day)

The Emergency First Aid at Work course covers the essentials of first aid for low risk work places. The course covers CPR, use of an AED and meets the guidance laid down by the Health and Safety Executive for first aiders. . You may have heard of this course referred to as an “appointed person” first aid course.

First Aid at Work (3-day)

The First Aid at Work course is a 3 day training course covering basic first aid and secondary care, this includes everything covered in the Emergency First Aid at Work course but also includes more in-depth understanding of a wide range of conditions and injuries.

Our first aid courses are written to UK Resuscitation Council protocols and are recognised by a number of national governing bodies as approved first aid courses, they also meet the need of employers looking to meet First Aid at Work regulations.

As well as covering subjects such as CPR, choking, bleeding, cold water shock all of our courses teach how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a lifesaving device that can significantly improve someone’s chances of survival after they suffer a cardiac arrest.


First Aid at Work should be renewed every 3 years and a renewal course takes 2 days.

An Emergency First Aid at Work is valid for 3 years and a new 1 day course would need to be completed.

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