First Aid Trauma & Casualty Care

FTACC - First Aid Trauma and Casualty Care CourseThe ATACC Group is a medical led organisation principally driven by people with a background in the health sector, UK emergency services and associated professional industries. ATACC develop some of the most challenging and respected courses in emergency medicine sector.

Here at Square Knot we’re honoured to be one of a handful of organisations able to offer some of ATACC’s courses.

First Aid Trauma & Casualty Care (FTACC) is a revolution in the world of First Aid.

The Level 3 Award in First Aid Trauma and Casualty Care (RQF) is specifically designed for emergency first aiders who work in environments where trauma based incidents are more common, such as construction and manufacturing.

The role of a first aider is to manage minor injuries, save life and summon help. This can be a huge responsibility requiring a calm yet effective response, often in stressful situations. The effectiveness of any initial response is directly related to the methods and skills that first aiders are taught which will result in a more favourable outcome. For this reason, FTACC adopts a new and innovative approach to teaching the essentials of first aid at work with the emphasis very much on the learner.

FTACC is a perfect blend of dynamic classroom sessions and practical interaction, a proven methodology that ensures knowledge and skill retention. Casualty care has developed and changed over the years and first aiders need to re-focus their care. FTACC achieves this through ATACC’s new B.U.R.P.S approach, which rapidly identifies and then colour codes the problem from minor to life-threatening

FTACC is a dynamic, engaging and effective first aid programme, developed by leading pre-hospital doctors and already adopted by the emergency services and industry. It meets and exceeds the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards and is more relevant for today’s workplace when compared to existing courses. It adopts an innovative approach which ensures retention of skills and knowledge as well as outline a clear course of action that ensures better patient outcomes.

FTACC is a QNUK accredited course that meets the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care (FPHC), Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) guidelines level B of The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and is also a recognised to Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) or First Aid at Work (FAW)



1 day (Equivalent to Emergency First Aid at Work)

3 day (Equivalent to First Aid at Work)


FTACC Manual
The FTACC Emergency Manual
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