Penthrox Training

Working in partnership with The ATACC Group, we are authorised trainers for Penthrox®. Penthrox is a extensively used in Australia and New Zealand where it’s often referred to as “The Green Whistle”.

In the UK Penthrox® is ideal for medics in UK Fire Services, Police Forces, Coastguard, Mountain Rescue, High Risk Industries, RNLI and the Event Medical industry.

Penthrox® is cost effective, small and lightweight when compared with Entonox and can be included as part of a range of pain relieving options. It’s simple, fast acting, can be self-administered by the patient. It is well recognised as an effective treatment option for conscious patients who require the emergency relief of moderate to severe acute pain.

It can be used in the management of pain following trauma e.g. burns, fractures, dislocations.

Penthrox is a prescription only medication but can be administered by non-health care professional (such as First Aiders, First Responders or Rescue Technicians) who have received authorised training and the use is covered by an organisation’s operating procedure or Patient Group Directive.

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