Pre-Hospital Emergency Care courses

Our Pre-Hospital Emergency Care courses are perfect for those who work in high risk industries such as construction, close protection, security or the leisure industry or for those who would like to go beyond first aid and maybe begin a career in Pre-Hospital Care.


First Responder

This 4 day First Responder course moves students beyond being first aiders and increases their skills and knowledge to be able to treat a casualty in a trauma or medical emergency.

Administration of Emergency Oxygen

Oxygen is all around us and in an emergency being able to administer supplementary oxygen can be a lifesaver. This is the ideal qualification for those working in prehospital, healthcare or leisure setting. We can also combine this qualification with the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider for those who work or dive for fun.

Administration of Emergency Medical Gases 

One of the most rewarding elements of Pre-Hospital Emergency care is being able to help people in pain. Entonox or gas and air is a highly effective form of pain relief and often the first port of call for ambulance crews. This course covers the use of Oxygen and Entonox. It’s perfect for those who are looking to increase their knowledge of medical gases.

Penthrox Administration

Penthrox is a powerful pain killer that is lightweight and easy to administer. Our Penthrox administrator course is a perfect addition for any Pre-Hospital Clinician and can be combined with our other gas courses.

There is more information on Penthrox on our Penthrox Administrator page.

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