Media Operations During An Incident

media and journalists waiting on scene for a press conferenceOur team have a huge breadth of experience dealing with journalists, the media and social media during a range of different types of incidents.

After working as journalists for national newspapers, TV and radio our team of specialist media trainers took that knowledge and then managed media operations for organisations such as Local Authority Fire Services, the RNLI and an Air Ambulance. Our trainers are also trained rescue technicians or medics meaning that we have seen incidents from all sides and have now developed a unique training programme to guide responders with the skills needed to not only cope with the media but to effectively communicate with the public during an incident.

The team have dealt with a huge range of incidents, disasters and operations some of which have been successful and some less so, and we’re happy to share our experiences and learning with you.

Our training will cover some theory of what journalists want and why they do what they do. We will explore the risks and opportunities along with practical sessions dealing with media on the scene, press conferences, interviews and how social media can be thrown into the mix.

We don’t claim to be experts in your individual organisation but can work with your own in-house communications team (if you have one) to draw up plans and rules of engagement to dealing with the media.


Our team are also experienced in providing injects and role players to exercises or training sessions. We’ve also provided media relations elements to promotion boards or interviews to give recruiters a real insight into these essential skills.


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