RLSS Water Smart Award

Jacob Leverett – Chief Instructor Square Knot.

At the annual conference the the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) announced their new Water Smart Award, a new award developed in line with the Curriculum Swimming outcomes.

With the summer months here and the sun well and truly out we’re seeing a spate of water related deaths. Inevitably we see  calls for children to be taught water safety at school in a belief that this will stop these fatalities. I’m sure it will help but there is no single ‘silver bullet’ to prevent drownings but a sensibly structured introduction to water for young people can only be a good thing.

The RLSS Water Safety Award seems to be a positive step to developing a fun introduction to being safe without the need for the stresses of an additional test or exam.

The minute the details of the award were announced I jumped at the chance to register as a provider and I’m happy to be able to now offer the award to young people and looking forward to the chance to pass on this essential knowledge to some young people.

The award’s focus is on five main areas, these include:

  1. Water Safety Awareness
  2. Getting In and Out of the Water Safely
  3. Safely Staying Afloat
  4. Safely Moving in the Water
  5. Performing Rescues Safely



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